Hey boy, can you keep a promise?

Dress, Modcloth. Earrings, Forever21. Necklace, from Japan. Wedge sandals, Nine West. Purse, Coach.

Luckily, we took these photos before my dog decided to give my thigh a good chew/mauling, or you’d be looking at massive amounts of blood and bandaging right now. Plus it would’ve been impossible to stand in those shoes then. Yeah. It’s finally starting to look like spring in California. Or summer. We kind of skip over the spring part and go straight for the 90-degree weather. It’s killer. It’s like 105 degrees in my room because my room seems to just be a hot house in summer and an ice box in winter. Fantastic. But at least now I can bust out the summer wardrobe!

We took pictures in the street which I think is a first for me. It’s very pretty though the lighting sucks (was kind of gray) and there were gnats everywhere. I wanted to kill myself. Me and nature, do not mix.

The title is from Namie Amuro’s latest album. It’s a collaboration and it is amazing.

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